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While she was posing in her Christmas sweater, she was confused as to why everyone was giggling.

Christmas jumpers have become a staple during the festive season, but a bargain-hunting granny got more than she anticipated with her festive knitwear this year

Carolyn Hallam, 53, was left red-faced when she discovered her 50p Christmas cardigan included a pair of extremely nasty reindeer.

The romping reindeer on the front was not noticeable to Carolyn Hallam when she purchased the knitwear at a car boot sale.

She was rendered speechless when she noticed the annoying detail while attempting to fit her cardigan at home.

Nottingham native Abigail, 29, posted a hilarious picture of her mother online sporting her loud clothing.

“Mum was ecstatic to get a Christmas jumper for 50p in the summer last year. We love finding deals at car boot sales,” she added.

“She decided it would be appropriate to wear to work after picking it up and quickly glancing at it to see that it was a Christmas sweater.”

“She placed it inside her plastic bag and set it aside until she returned home.”

“We always take a close look at everything we bought from the car trunk when we get home.” Mum held up the design and thought she should have taken a closer look.

“After trying it on, she inquired excitedly, “Do you like my Christmas cardigan?”

“I didn’t see at first and said, ‘Ah yes, it’s great,’ but I burst out laughing when she asked what I thought of the pattern!”

Thankfully, grandma Carolyn, a primary school teacher, found the error before to starting work.

“Mum laughed aloud and thought it was hilarious when she realized it was a rude Christmas sweater,” Abigail went on.

“When she saw what was on it before using it for work in an elementary school, she was relieved!”

“When we discovered her bargain was rude, she was even happier with it!”

Carolyn still wears the evil reindeer cardigan whenever she can, even though she has a more professional-looking sweater.

After being circulated on social media, hundreds of people have liked the amusing pictures.

One person who was having problems identifying the dirty reindeer scene commented, “It took me a minute.”

Another said, “Oh my god, that’s hilarious.”

“That is really helpful!” A third person remarked, “Thanks for the laugh!”