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Tip for Getting Crispy Fries

French fries is the perfect snack for all ages, all occasions and all moods. The crunchy, salty potato fingers can never disappoint us. It is a must side order for burgers and a must-have item in the snacks spread. If you think of it, the recipe of French fries seems quite simple but when we actually get down to making it at home, we just don’t get the same crispy fries we get at restaurants. Why? Well, perfect cooking is all about mastering certain techniques. Each recipe has its own set of dos and don’ts to be followed; even the seemingly simple French fries.

Firstly, it is important to choose potatoes with floury flesh (Bintje, Agria, Caesar, Marabel, etc.). If you are a fry purist, you can imitate the Belgians and use beef fat instead of vegetable oil.


Potatoes 1kg
Sunflower oil c/n
Cold water c/n
White vinegar 2 tbsp


Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks about 1 cm thick (you can leave them with the skin on but you must wash them very well).

Place the cut potatoes in a large container and pour water to cover them.

Add the two tablespoons of vinegar and mix a little.

Let sit in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. An hour would be ideal.

Remove the potatoes from the water and dry them as much as possible (you can use a cloth or napkins).

Heat the oil in a pot or sauté pan suitable for frying.

Fry the potatoes in as many batches as necessary.

Enjoy the crispiest potatoes of all!

Simple and quick preparation. Try this way of making fries and you will see how leaving them in vinegar water changes everything. You won’t want to eat fries that aren’t made this way